Pro Penetrant & Lubricant Powered by FlashSight™LED411
Frees Stuck
Nuts $ Bolts

Guaranteed to
cut the Rust

Top Uses

  • Low light areas
  • Nuts, bolts & locks
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Hinges & other metal pivot points
  • Ignition & electrical wires
  • Fans & blowers
  • Pipe fittings
Designed for performance and efficiency, this is a fast-acting, anti-seize formula that penetrates corrosion, loosens rusted bolts and parts, stops squeaks and displaces moisture. The FlashSight™ built-in LED lets you see where you spray. Choose between the light only or light and spray. Switch to the locked "OFF" position to prevent unintentional spraying.
  • Penetrant, lubricant & LED light in one.
  • FlashSight™ built-in LED for added visibility & accuracy.
  • 2 spray options – with or without straw.
  • Comfort grip actuator button for easy spraying and less finger fatigue.
  • Pro-grade, anti-seize formula.
  • Ultra-fast rust penetration plus long-lasting lubrication.
  • Breaks down built-up rust & cuts through tough grease.
  • Corrosion protection on all metals including copper, brass & bronze.
  • Zero VOC.
  • Patent Pending.
  • To learn more about Safety Data click here.


  • 11 OZ.