Penetrating Oill112
Frees Stuck
Nuts $ Bolts

Guaranteed to
cut the Rust

Top Uses

  • Nuts, Bolts & Hinges
  • Clamps & Pipes
  • Locks & Latches
  • Frozen Mechanisms
  • Nozzles
UNSTICKS STUCK STUFF FAST. Anti-seize formula penetrates corrosion and loosens rusted bolts and parts. 100% guaranteed to cut the rust - or your money back!
  • Frees stuck nuts, bolts and locks.
  • Dissolves rust and cuts through grease.
  • Low odor, 0% VOC and safe on painted surfaces.
  • 50-state compliant.
  • Features state of the art Cerflon® solid lubricant for superior anti-seize protection and long-lasting lubrication.
  • 100% Guarantee.

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I've used it for years.

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I'm 51 years old and came up on a small family farm in Ohio. Some of my oldest memories are being out in the shed with dad and grandpa working on the equipment. There was ALWAYS a can, or spray bottle of Liquid Wrench within arms reach of us. Today, the farm is long gone (I miss it!), but, Liquid Wrench is still ALWAYS within reach in my little part time shop. This past weekend, I was in the middle of a brake job-OUTSIDE-when a freak thunderstorm hit. My tools and I were all out in the rain and it took me longer to dry the tools than the actual job! Needless to say, the tools all got a good shot of Liquid Wrench before I put them to bed!

Liquid Wrench penetrating oil.

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This stuff works great. I always have a can of it in my toolbox for those fun jobs. The dealer told me it would be about $1000 to remove my radiator to drill out two broken bolts on the front of my block. Without pulling the radiator, I sprayed them many times for a week, then removed them with a vise grip pliers. I keep a 3 ounce size for when I travel