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New Educational Campaign, Including Mobile Text Messaging, Helps Consumers Select “A Wrench for Every Job”

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C., (November 3, 2009) -- Liquid Wrench announced today the introduction of two powerful product reformulations as part of a comprehensive educational program targeted to Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers). The two new products, Liquid Wrench® Penetrating Oil and Liquid Wrench® Chain Lube, were introduced today at AAPEX/SEMA in Las Vegas, NV, along with an innovative packaging, marketing and educational campaigns to help DIYers choose the right wrench for every job.

Since its founding in 1924, the Radiator Specialty Company, manufacturers of the Liquid Wrench brand, has set as its mission to provide dependable products that make things work better. This rich heritage continues to drive the brand’s product innovation and strengthen its position as a leader in the industry and drive growing customer loyalty.
“Liquid Wrench’s Penetrating Oil and Chain Lube join a comprehensive line-up of six powerful penetrants and lubricants designed to help professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers select the right wrench for every job,” said Mike Guggenheimer, Vice President of Business Development for Liquid Wrench. “Coupled with a comprehensive educational campaign and new packaging, our entire high-performance line shows consumers why using the right specialty formulation performs better than Ďall-purpose’ products.”

According to Guggenheimer, “Each can provides informative, real-world uses and performance characteristics. Innovative packaging includes the industry’s first text messaging option to deliver virtually instant product information right in the store. In addition, our new educational campaign of How-To videos, social media and interactive Web site will further educate consumers on which product to use to get the job done.”

New Product Formulas Deliver Powerful Results – Safely
Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil: New formula frees stuck nuts, bolts and locks fast - without the powerful smell. The newly reformulated Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil has the muscle to quickly loosen corroded bolts, nuts and parts without the strong odor associated with many penetrating oils. The powerful formula has been re-engineered for maximum performance to cut through grease, surface tension or viscosity, while reducing friction and wear.

“For the first time, DIYers get a fast-acting penetrant for tough jobs but formulated with a low-VOC solvent that’s safe for the workshop,” said Dr. Larry Beaver, VP of Technology at Liquid Wrench. “And, unlike some alternative products, the Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil formula will not eat the paint off cars and trucks, even while it cuts through grease and rust.”

This point-of-use penetrant, designed for precise application, also frees up locks, hinges, clamps, corroded pipe joints, frozen or stuck metal mechanisms – even stuck-on hose nozzles.

Liquid Wrench®’s New Chain Lube: No-sling protection for fast-moving chain or wire cables
The second addition to the line-up is the Liquid Wrench® Chain Lube, which has been reformulated to combine the protective performance of industrial strength products with the safety of commercial chain lubes. Developed to stay put on chains and cables in extreme pressure/temperature situations, the anti-sling formula features anti-wear additives and synthetic molding to hold to wire cables as well as both O-ring and standard chains.

“Dry time is calibrated to penetrate links or cable strands before drying,” explained Beaver. “Chain Lube extends the life and helps reduce noise on motorcycle or bicycle chains, ATVs, garage door chains, farm implements, chain drive equipment, wire cables or any drives without self-contained lubrication.”

In addition to the new Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil and Chain Lube, the comprehensive product line-up includes Liquid Wrench Lubricating Oil, Liquid Wrench Dry Lubricant, Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease and Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray.

The Liquid Wrench Difference: Educating DIYers

Liquid Wrench is supporting this introduction with an industry-first educational program designed to help consumers identify the right wrench for every job. The nationwide campaign will deliver valuable advice via a new Web site ( with a Wrench Finder feature, which lets consumers input their challenge and instantly receive advice on which Liquid Wrench product is best to use for the job. In addition, the new Liquid Wrench cans feature a special mobile text code – a first in the industry. Consumers can enter the code found on the Liquid Wrench can on their mobile devices while shopping and, within seconds, receive a recommendation from Liquid Wrench specifying the right product for their need. The information will be updated seasonally so DIYers have the most up-to-date information for their specific applications.

“No longer do consumers have to hunt to find a sales person to answer their questions or guess which product will solve their problem,” said Guggenheimer. “We are excited to be the first in the industry to bring this mobile-text feature to the consumer.”

To illustrate how to use each of the six products, Liquid Wrench also has created a series of real-world, How-To-Use Liquid Wrench videos hosted by Beaver. The How-To videos are posted on and other How-To sites, including Howcast, About and Expert Village.

Liquid Wrench’s newly formulated Penetrating Oil and Chain Lube will start to appear in stores this fall and into 2010, just in time for the start of spring projects and tune-up time for outdoor equipment. Both will be featured in the nationwide marketing campaign.

About Radiator Specialty Company
Headquartered in North Carolina for over 80 years, Radiator Specialty Company is a leading producer of lubricants, chemicals and additives to the automotive, plumbing, hardware, industrial, appliance and export markets. LIQUID WRENCH®, GUNK®, ENGINE BRITE® and SOLDER SEAL® are trademarks of Radiator Specialty Company. Some products are licensed and packaged for sale elsewhere around the world. For more information, contact Radiator Specialty Company, 600 Radiator Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079, 877-GO4-GUNK,


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