How to Stop Trailer Squeak!

Posted on: June 13, 2018

If you’ve ever hauled a trailer, you’ve probably noticed that they can be rather noisy while riding down the road. Most of the noise we hear typically comes from the hitch area of the set up. Metal on metal rubbing causes a lot of noise, especially when the metal has a thin layer of rust on it (be honest, your trailer hitch probably has rust on it).

The quickest solution is to keep a can of LIQUID WRENCH White Lithium Grease handy. Spray the grease inside the Reese hitch, on the ball, inside the trailer hitch receiver. The grease will provide a layer of lubrication between the metals, while protecting against rust build up. White Lithium Grease is designed for the roughest conditions and will not run, melt, freeze, or wash off easily – making it perfect for marine applications.