What can I use Silicone Spray on? 5 Uses of Silicone Spray.

Posted on: November 5, 2016

Check out these 5 cool uses of LIQUID WRENCH Silicone Spray.

5. Snow Shovel

Use silicone spray on snow shovels to keep the snow from sticking to it. This way you can get your driveway clean and not have to work so hard to knock the snow off your shovel after each pass. If you’re using a snow blower, spray liberally on the shoot to keep it from getting clogged.

It works the same for shoveling dirt as well. Spray a little on your round or flat shovel to keep dirt from sticking. The next hole you dig will be breeze!

4. Hand Tools & Wooden Tools

Apply little sprits of silicone spray to the tool joints to keep them moving smooth, while protecting the metal from rust. You can also spray a little on wooden handles to keep them from drying out and cracking, which will help to extend their life.

3. Zippers

Use silicone spray on any zipper to keep is lubricated and free from catching. This is ideal for keeping pop up camper or RV zipper windows in long lasting form. There’s nothing worse than getting your camp site all set up to have your zipper windows stick open. Keep a little in your camper for emergency use.

2. Sliding Glass Door Tracks

Sliding glass doors collect dust and dirt over the years as people track in junk from outside. Sweep up the dirt and spray a little silicone spray on the tracks to keep them sliding smooth and it will help repel water, mud, and dirt in the future.

1. Scuff Marks

No more scrubbing to get those shoe marks off your floor! Spray onto scuff marks on tile and linoleum flooring to remove scuffs. Use a rag or micro fiber for best results.