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INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. (November 3, 2009) - Liquid Wrench® announced today the introduction of Liquid Wrench Chain Lube®, one of two new reformulations debuting at the AAPEX and SEMA trade shows in Las Vegas, NV this week. The reformulated Liquid Wrench Chain Lube, which will be in stores starting this winter, is part of an innovative initiative that includes new packaging and a comprehensive marketing and educational campaign by Liquid Wrench to help Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) choose a the right product for every job. The campaign includes a host of new developments, including a text messaging campaign and the launch of a new Web site,

The Liquid Wrench Chain Lube has been reformulated to provide industrial performance while being compatible with both O-Rings and standard chains. Developed to stay put on chains and cables in extreme pressure/temperature situations, the anti-sling formula features anti-wear additives and synthetic mold for premium performance on wire cables, chains, and O-Rings.

“Liquid Wrench Chain Lube is ideal for reducing wear and noise on motorcycle or bicycle chains, ATVs, garage door chains, farm implements, chain drive equipment, wire cables or drives which do not have self-contained lubrication,” said Dr. Larry Beaver, VP of Technology at Liquid Wrench. “Because our chain lube prevents oxidation and corrosion, it can help extend the life of chains and wire cables. In the new formulation, dry time is calibrated to penetrate links or cable strands before drying – helping to increase effectiveness.”

Mike Guggenheimer, VP of Business Development for Liquid Wrench, noted the Chain Lube is an essential component of the entire Liquid Wrench product line. “Serious DIYers know that there’s no single product for every job. That’s why we’re also launching an educational campaign to help consumers select the right wrench for the best performance. The new packaging and educational program will help consumers understand why using a specialty formula will outperform an Ďall-purpose’ product.”

According to Guggenheimer, the educational support for Liquid Wrench Chain Lube starts with the new packaging, which provides real-world uses and performance characteristics. “But the big news to consumers is the packaging’s pioneering mobile text code, a first in the industry. While in the store, consumers can simply enter the code from the Liquid Wrench Chain Lube can into their mobile devices and, within seconds, receive virtually instant product information, as they shop,” he said.

This point-of-purchase response is designed to help consumers choose the right tool for the job. For instance, consumers who are curious about where to use Liquid Wrench Chain Lube can simply text the code “CL” to 25827 and instantly receive the following response on their phone: Motorcycle & bicycle chains; garage door chains, farm implements; chain-drive equip; wire cables (throttle, brake, etc.) regular or O-ring chains; ATVs.

DIYers and professionals can also gain valuable advice at Liquid Wrench’s new Web site, The “Wrench Finder” feature allows users to input their challenge and immediately receive advice on which Liquid Wrench product is best to use for the precise application.

Liquid Wrench Chain Lube is part of a complete product line, which includes newly-reformulated Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil, Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease, Liquid Wrench Dry Lubricant, Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray and Liquid Wrench Lubricating Oil. By stocking their garages and storage sheds with Liquid Wrench, DIYers can easily select from these products to find a wrench for every job. Each package in the line is also color-coded for simple differentiation.

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